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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 23/03/2024

1. General

1.1 By booking your experience and making a purchase on this website, you and all participants in your rage room agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please make sure that all players in the team have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to booking your experience.

1.2 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions are intended to affect your statutory rights.

1.3 We hold the right to amend or vary these Terms and Conditions including any of the contents of this website from time to time without prior notice.

1.4 All of these terms and conditions are governed by English Law and any disputes or claims will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales only.

2. Website

2.1 This website collects and stores your personal data as highlighted in our Privacy Policy and in accordance to the provisions set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.2 This website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites and the operation of those websites is out of our control. You may use them at your own risk and we accept no liability for any damage arising out of the use of those websites.

2.3 You must not use our website in any way that causes, or may cause, damage, impairment of the availability or accessibility, or in any way in connection with, any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.

2.4 We shall not be liable to any person for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including (without limitation) lost profits or revenues, loss of opportunity, costs of replacement to goods or services, loss or damage to data or business interruption, arising out of the use of our website.

2.5 This website has been designed for users aged 16 and above. You agree that you are at least 16 years old when accessing this website and/or making a purchase.

3. Booking

3.1 Our prices and promotions shown on this website are subject to change without notice.

3.2 By booking your experience and making a purchase on this website you agree that you have permission from the cardholder.

3.3 Each team in the booking must have at least 1 adult that is aged 18 or above. It is the responsibility of the adults (above 18) of the team to look after any team players that are aged below 18. known to us at the time of booking. This will ensure that we can make every effort for those concerned to also enjoy their experience without worry.

3.4 If there are any players who have mobility or accessibility issues, please make their visit known to us at the time of booking. This will ensure that we can make every effort for those concerned to also enjoy their experience without worry.

3.5 Your booking is only confirmed once we have received full payment and we have sent you a booking confirmation email.

3.6 Upon receipt of our booking confirmation email, if you believe that any information is incorrect you must advise us immediately as changes to your booking in the future may not be possible.

3.7 Bookings cannot be resold for commercial gain or profit by anyone other than The Smash Lab Rage Rooms Ltd. Any booking that is discovered to have breached this condition will be voided without refund and the holder may be refused entry to, or ejected from the venue.

3.8 Should you wish to transfer your booking to someone else, you must contact us 72 hours ahead of your booking with your request.

3.9 We reserve the right to cancel bookings which we reasonably suspect to have been made fraudulently. If this is the case you will be notified by email and no refund will be offered.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Should you need to cancel or reschedule your booking for any reason, please contact us with your request at Our policies are as follows:

4.2 You may cancel or reschedule the booking if you give at least than 72 hours notice. If you cancel, there will not be a refund issued and you will miss out on booking. There are no fees for rescheduling, your booking can only be rescheduled to another available slot.

4.3 Should any participants decide that they cannot attend the booking, we will not offer partial refunds in any form as you are charged for use of of the room.

4.4 Should we need to cancel or reschedule your booking for any reason, we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of this change. In this instance we will offer a 100% refund without a cancellation fee or offer an alternative date for your booking.

4.5 Although we will use our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reach you to inform you of such change.

5.  Upon Arrival

5.1 To enter our venue you must confirm the full name of the person who made the booking. You may also be asked to confirm other contact details should we need it.

5.2 Our staff reserve the right to ask for ID should you appear to be underage.

5.3 Although no physical strength should be needed for the experience, it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit to participate. You should not participate in any physical challenges if you are pregnant, prone to seizures, or have heart or respiratory problems.

5.4 We will reserve the right to refuse entry to our venue if you appear in any way to be unfit for the forthcoming experience, or under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

5.5 It remains the responsibility of the person who made the booking to ensure that these additional participants agree to these Terms and Conditions and are in receipt of all relevant information relating to the booking.

5.6 Please arrive at least 15 minutes early before your booking to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

5.7 If you are late to your booking then you will be refused entry and you will miss your slot. This is so that your booking does not run into the next customer’s booking.

6. Experience

6.1 You and all participants in your booking must listen and follow instructions from our staff at all times. These instructions that are given by staff will include, but not limited to, the agenda of the experience, rules of rage room usage, and health and safety instructions. If any of these instructions are not followed, we reserve the right to stop your experience and eject your team out of the venue without refund.

6.2 Our staff will endeavor to give clear instructions on how to use the rage room safely and protect the room infrastructure. If you deliberately damage the infrastructure in a manner that is not in line with instructions given, you will be liable to pay for damages and asked to leave. We will treat these circumstances on a case by case basis.

6.3 If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances during the experience, you will be ejected from the venue without refund.

6.4 Although with our best efforts in keeping your belongings secure at our venue, we will accept no responsibility for said belongings.

6.6 Our experience has been designed to be in a safe and secure environment, however we will accept no responsibility for any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending an experience at The Smash Lab Rage Rooms Ltd. You agree to accept liability for yourselves.

6.7 We reserve the right to stop the experience, without refund, to which in the opinion of our Staff, customers who behave in a manner is likely to affect the enjoyment of our other customers, or customers who use threatening, abusive words or behaviour to other customers or members of staff, or customers who do not follow written or verbal instructions, or behave in a manner that may risk the health and safety of themselves, other customers or members of staff. Where a customer is part of a group, we reserve the right to remove the whole group from the venue in addition to the individual involved, without refund.

6.8 Except where otherwise specified in our cancellation policy, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of our contractual obligations is affected by reason of circumstances amounting to “Force Majeure”. Force Majeure means any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid, including but not limited to, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and similar events beyond our control.

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